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Over at Skyview Trading, their team wants to take you on a tour. With options trading courses and video recordings, they want to introduce you to the world of options, show you why options have an edge over stocks and teach you how to profit with their proprietary strategy. But can they deliver?

Sky View Trading is an educational and investment advisory service that specializes in options trading.

Led by Owner/Trader Adam Thomas and Owner/Trader Eli Grelecki, Skyview Trading wants to teach you how to earn a steady income each month by trading options.

The team offers strategies for all account sizes and skill levels and claims to use a strategy that 90% of options traders ignore.

Their goal is to enter positions with a high probability of success and make money “without having to predict the future direction of a stock.”

Both Thomas and Grelecki are full-time options traders and have over seven years’ experience within financial markets, but after checking out their LinkedIn profile, it appears neither has any formal financial training. Opening The Skyview Trading website seems to be Thomas’ first job, while Grelecki was in network engineering.

Options are serious business, so not sure how this converts to running an investment advisory, but we like to keep an open mind.

Right from the get-go, Skyview Trading makes it their mission to help their members make consistent earnings each month by teaching them the ins and outs of options trading. The mindsets and skills they teach are applicable both to those who are barely starting out and to those who already have impressive portfolios. They yield great profitability from options trading precisely because they don’t need to predict exactly which direction a stock will be headed.


Skyview Trading offers two types of membership, each of them addressed to a specific trading audience. The first one is the Elite Membership, costing $199 a month, and is meant for those who have experience in trading, but also want to learn and explore what options trading has to offer. The second type of membership is the Alerts Membership, costing just $99 a month, dedicated to the more experienced traders who need to keep themselves connected to the ebbs and flow of the market at all times.

Trading Alerts

You will get instant notification on your phone when a new trade is posted, it is then up to you to make the trade at your investment bank. We feel this is preferred than an auto trade system.


Even if an adviser has a great track record, you always want to review their research for yourself and confirm the trade is right for you. Sometimes you may not agree with the research, so it’s always best to review it and confirm the logic and that you want to execute the trade.

Unfortunately, Skyview Trading posts no research, they just post a trade and expect their members to do it… What? How does anyone know how much time and effort went into the trade if all they do is post the trade itself. Without supporting documentation this could be just a monkey picking a trade. How does anyone know any time, effort, or research went into the trade?


Content begins with Skyview’s Trading Course. It’s a four-hour-plus video tutorial that teaches the basics of options, reading options chains, how options are priced, option Greeks, and understanding the risk parameters of option spreads.

We found the training to be one of the best option training centers we reviewed.


Skyview Trading claims to win 90% of their trades, but we did not even come close to that in our trail of their membership. We ended up winning closer to 60% of our trades, but one of the trades we lost ended up being three times that loss of our best winner during our test.

We were also constantly under pressure, have to sweat out many dangerous positions. Not recommend unless you really like risk. I guess that is what happens when you trust financial advisers with no formal training in finance.


We found the education of Skyview Trading to be quite good, a great choice if you are new to options trading. However, teaching and doing are two totally separate things.

We are not fans of losing money, which is exactly what happened to us when performing our test of their advisory. We were also not really sure how much time and effort went into their trade recommendations, they simply just post “do this trade” with no other supporting documentation on why.  Did someone just pick this trade out of a hat? Who knows…

We do think the price is fair and if you’re mainly concerned with learning how options work, a decent option, but for actual trading picks, we recommend you go elsewhere.

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