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Project 303

WealthVine review of Andrew Keene's Project 303 aka "The Extra Income Project"

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I purchased this program in May 2020 and it's definitely one of my FAVORITE programs! I like that Andrew releases trades on a set schedule, does live calls, and so far all of his trades have been simple calls or puts. Most importantly, my win rate with Andrew's picks has been fantastic! As always, don't hesitate to message me if you have more questions!

What exactly IS this program?

Project 303 is an options trading program. Andrew issues 2 option trade recommendations every Monday (and a 3rd on Tuesday if you're a lifetime member!).

Each trade is entered in your own brokerage account and no money flows through the program except your yearly membership fee.

Andrew also conducts live calls at 9am EST that you can attend, but you are not required to attend them in order to be able to make his trade recommendations work.

For more info, scroll down to watch my video overview of this program!

What is INCLUDED with this program?

As with most trading programs, you are getting information. Each week Andrew conducts live calls, and issues trade recommendations that you can execute if you wish.

Trade recommendations are sent out via email and text, and Andrew also alerts you when to exit each trade… so it's pretty easy!

The membership area also has additional options trading training, including an “Options 101” video course. 

In addition, your membership gets you access to several additional reports, most of which are focused on furthering your options trading education.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS :

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