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WealthVine review of Andrew Keene's Project 303 aka "The Extra Income Project"

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I purchased this program in May 2020 and it's definitely one of my FAVORITE programs! I like that Andrew releases trades on a set schedule, does live calls, and so far all of his trades have been simple calls or puts. Most importantly, my win rate with Andrew's picks has been fantastic! As always, don't hesitate to message me if you have more questions!

What exactly IS this program?

Project 303 is an options trading program. Andrew issues 2 option trade recommendations every Monday (and a 3rd on Tuesday if you're a lifetime member!).

Each trade is entered in your own brokerage account and no money flows through the program except your yearly membership fee.

Andrew also conducts live calls at 9am EST that you can attend, but you are not required to attend them in order to be able to make his trade recommendations work.

For more info, scroll down to watch my video overview of this program!

What is INCLUDED with this program?

As with most trading programs, you are getting information. Each week Andrew conducts live calls, and issues trade recommendations that you can execute if you wish.

Trade recommendations are sent out via email and text, and Andrew also alerts you when to exit each trade… so it's pretty easy!

The membership area also has additional options trading training, including an “Options 101” video course. 

In addition, your membership gets you access to several additional reports, most of which are focused on furthering your options trading education.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS :

As of this writing, it costs $129 (I was able to secure a lower price ONLY for my followers recently!) $99 for 1 year of the program, or $199 $149 for 2 years  That's it. That's all you pay to join the program. This is for the basic program level, and will get you 2 option trade recommendations per week.

Upon signing up, you will also be offered the chance to purchase a lifetime membership (I chose this myself), where you will then get 1 additional trade + live call with Andrew each week!

There are additional costs to enter options trades, but those are ONLY done on YOUR OWN online brokerage account. NO fees or money for trades goes to Andrew or though the program in any way.

As with any options trading program, you need to have an online brokerage account and most require a “minimum balance” of $500 (to as high as $2,000) depending on which platform you choose. This is not “sunk money” as its always yours and you can retrieve it if need-be.

The only other expenses are for placing options trades. Most of our trades (for a single option) are from $100 to $300. You can, of course, purchase more options which would obviously cost more money.

I have not encountered any hidden fees within Project 303. Initially you purchase a 1 or 2 year plan, or the lifetime plan. They will immediately try to “upsell” you to the 1450 Club membership as well, but this is NOT required unless you want even more trade recommendations. Again, the basic program gets you 2 option trades per week. IF you decide later that you'd like more trade recommendations, then you can upgrade to the 1450 Club for $1450 / year and get a LOT more trade recommendations, as well as additional training material and investing information.
project303 guarantee There is no guarantee that you will make money, however I have done very well with Andrew's picks to date. We HAVE lost money on trades, but my “winners” far outweigh my “losers”. As of this writing, Andrew's program does have a unique “Double Guarantee”. First, ff you're not happy with the program within 60 days, then simply contact them for a full refund. Second, if you haven't been issued at least 25 trades in your first year that could have given you 100% gains, then contact them and they will issue a full refund. That gives you TWO MONTHS to test drive this, plus a yearly performance guarantee! That's truly one of the best program guarantees I've seen so far.
Well the smart-aleck answer is “how long is a piece of string”? The answer depends primarily on 3 things:
  1. How much you invest in each trade.
  2. The performance of that trade (did it win or lose).
  3. How dedicated you are to making this work over the long haul.
That's it! Sounds easy, right? Well, when I first began options trading, I lost on my first two trades (and quite a lot, by the way). It would have been very easy for me to quit right then and there! Over time I've developed rules and a “trading strategy” that has helped immensely. I encourage you to learn all you can, paper trade (use a simulator instead of real money) for a bit, and seek HELP if you need it. This program offers help, and you can always join the Wealth Builder Facebook Group as well!

On every options trading platform you will see warnings about the risk associated with trading options. That is the PRIMARY reason that I purchase programs such as this, where I have an expert “driving the bus” so to speak.

The primary value of this system is the information and trade recommendations provided. When you get a trade recommendation email and text, there are simple instructions for entry and exit and all you do is follow the instructions.

To be fair… there will always be risk when investing. You could certainly lose the money you put in, and we have certainly had losing trades! But, if a trade isn't going well, Andrew will instruct us to get out early and preserve capital. In other programs, you just end up losing your entire investment into that trade because nobody told you to get out early!

Let me tell you a little secret… I was a TOTAL BEGINNER when I purchased my first options trading program. I didn't have an online brokerage account, and I most certainly didn't have a clue about options trading!

So yes, a beginner CAN do this. I do, however, realize that the learning curve is a bit too steep for some people, and that's one reason I have created this website, YouTube channel, and our awesome Wealth Builder Facebook Group. There are so many resources to help you succeed!

If you're an experienced investor then you know how valuable good information is. You should also realize that paying $99 per year for 2 valuable option trade recommendations each week is an absolute hands-down STEAL.

It depends on what you need help with. If you have questions about Andrew's program or issue with their website or trade recommendations, then you should contact them. The Project 303 website has email, chat, and phone support options. I highly encourage you to use the phone support, or chat support as a secondary option.

If you need help placing an actual options trade, then you need to contact your online brokerage platform directly. Nearly all of them have live chat and/or phone support to assist clients with placing trades.

Lastly, I have a YouTube channel with several videos walking through the program. You can also find those under the Videos page of this website!

Check out our VIDEOS :

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