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WealthVine review of Tom Gentile's Fast Fortune Club

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I purchased this program in May of 2019 and have been using it continuously since. Below I have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as cover key points regarding the program. As always, don't hesitate to message me if you have more questions!

What exactly IS this program?

It's an options and cryptocurrency trading program, pure and simple. Now, don't get scared off just yet! Tom does an excellent job “dumbing down” what you'll be doing, and there is quite a bit of training in the membership site, along with Tom's live calls (nearly every day!).

In essence, when you pay to get into the program you are buying the most important thing any investor wants… quality information. Tom gives you his recommended option and crypto trades each month, and its up to you to execute the trades inside of your online brokerage account (more on that later).

Also, scroll down to watch my video overview of this program!

What is INCLUDED with this program?

As I stated earlier, you primarily get information. But.. you also get quite a bit more!

One thing I have found to be extremely valuable (other than the trade recommendations) is the training that Tom has available inside the program. There are dozens and dozens of videos, and he adds more each and every month. For the price of entry, the training and education alone has been worth it for me!

Tom also goes LIVE nearly every day of the week (with some vacation breaks) and does a complete market analysis and breakdown. If there is an imminent trade opportunity, he will even walk through the trade live with everyone. 

It's not mandatory that you attend the live sessions, but it's truly the most valuable part of this program, which I view more of an educational program than a pure trading program. We do get those trade recommendations a few times a month though!

Frequently asked QUESTIONS :

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