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Option Alpha offers loads of different features. They have everything from podcasts, options trading courses to backtesting software, live trade alerts and more. Instead of presenting each of these features separately, I will divide the features into three categories: free, pro and elite. Those are the three membership options at Option Alpha and with each, you get access to different features.

Option Alpha is an options trading platform started by Kirk Du Plessis. The site covers a broad swath of options trading strategies, but the site is mostly focused on the more quantitative based spread style of options trading, as opposed to something more directionally-minded like buying long-term LEAPS.

The site is run by Kirk Du Plessis who got started his career finance not as an options trader, but as an investment banker working on M&A deals at Deutsche Bank. Later, he moved onto BB&T Capital Markets, where he worked as a REIT analyst. Given his resume, it’s safe to say that he knows the markets pretty well.

Kirk’s dream of becoming a full-time trader started when he was working on Wall Street and trading his own account on the side.


There are three different memberships at Options Alpha, the Free Membership, Pro Membership, and Elite Membership. The free membership at Option Alpha is much better than many of the paid ones. It comes with lots of quality training, but we did find it to be rather slow and boring.

The Pro Membership costs $99 a month and comes with daily option trade alerts, trade reviews, and forum access. This allows one to follow Kirk’s trades and ask questions to other members.

The Elite Membership costs $299 a month and gives you access to all the other membership options, plus weekly strategy calls, coaching, and software discounts. For the price of $299 a month, I would expect the software to be free, not just discounted.

In addition to their monthly subscriptions, Option Alpha sells lifetime licenses to their web-based tools like backtesters, strategy optimizers, and scanners.

Trading Alerts

Kirk and his team at Option Alpha are transparent about their trading track record, with a page on their website dedicated to tracking their performance and various metrics like which trades perform the best, and their probability of success on a given trade.


I think the elite membership is much more valuable than the pro membership.  The pro membership posts no research so not sure what or why the trading is happening. At least with the elite membership, it ties in the options trading education, unlike the pro membership. The weekly strategy calls and monthly live Q&A calls are there to help you understand options, strategies, and other concepts. The Q&A calls give you the ability to ask questions and receive instant feedback.

With that being said, I still think that it is quite pricey. $299 per month is definitely not cheap. I can’t tell you if this is worth it. You have to decide that by yourself, but we feel there are better options out there. You have to find out how much you value regular small group coaching.


Rather than selling training courses for a one-time cost, Option Alpha runs on a subscription model with two paid tiers. Instead, the site offers a vast array of courses for free as a funnel to generate more paying members. The goal is if you join their free training they will convert you into a customer for their alert service.

Their training is fairly good for free, but it is certainly not as good as some of the other paid training services we have received. A coupe of the paid training services we have reviewed are phenomenal, easy to watch, and really really force viewers to understand. The Options Alpha training was good, but we could not wait for the video to end.


Over a sample size of 4,211 trades, Kirk has an expected value of $36 per trade. If the last 30 days is at all representative of an average month for Kirk and Option Alpha, then taking every trade that Kirk takes in the same size and fill prices should net you about $2,124 per month, and about $25,000 per year. Our test was about half that, so although results were still good, not as good as one would like to believe.


While I’ve been a bit critical of Option Alpha and Kirk Du Plessis throughout this review, this doesn’t mean I don’t see any value in their services, just that I think they’re flawed. It’s important to remember that Kirk is a transparent, consistently profitable trader, a very rare thing in this trading education industry.

My main gripe with Option Alpha is that, if you were to follow Kirk’s trades, it would only be side income for you, especially given that you’re probably trading in smaller size than Kirk. Taking into account that you’ll only clear a small amount post-tax, and you have to pay for your Option Alpha subscription, one has to wonder what their hourly rate comes out to when trading this style.

A subscription to Option Alpha isn’t for everyone, but there is certainly a demographic of people who will steadily grow their accounts alongside Kirk and the community.

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