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In this review, we are going to have a look at Option Strategies Insider and how their training center, research, and alerts stack up against the competition. They claim to have some of the best options training along with over a 90% trade success rate, let’s see if they can deliver on their claims.

Option Strategies Insider was founded by Chris Douthit, who was a former Lead Market Maker for Goldman Sachs and the author of Definitive Guide To Options Trading. Chris definitely has a strong background in finance.

Since leaving the exchange, Chris worked as a consultant for high net worth investors teaching them about options and how they can add options to an already existing portfolio to reduce risk and boost annual returns. After demand got too high for his services, Chris decided to open Option Strategies Insider so he could reach a larger number of people with all different levels of wealth.

Chris feels it does not matter if you have millions of dollars or are just trading a couple of thousand dollars, you can use options to add higher returns to your savings. In addition, the sooner you start implementing options the better your understanding as your portfolio continues to grow. Traders will then have the keys to a successful and sustainable option trading practice that can last a lifetime.


Finance is not always the most enjoyable topic of study, but Option Strategies Insider has found a way to make learning fun. Unlike other similar products, Option Strategies Insider uses an animation movie-style approach to teaching, making not only the class more enjoyable to watch, but also far easier to understand the difficult topic of options.

The training covers all different types of options trading tactics and then gives real-life examples of why one approach is better than another. It also explains the top trading strategies and when to apply each one.

Their course is easy to follow through, being laid out in three sections, beginning, intermediate, and  advanced, while the layout makes it easy to move from one class to the next. But what we found most surprising is that their training is actually 100% free! Out of all the training we have had the pleasure to review, theirs was by far the best and totally free. Way to go!


We spent two months covering all the sites trades, and every trade is extensively researched and well communicated. Unlike other trade alert services which simply post a trade, at Option Strategies Insider they post large research reports along with their trade, which explains in great detail why they do what they do.

This is great for two reasons, first, we know they actually care and put a lot of time and effort into their trades. But also, we can see how they come up with their trades so that we can learn and try to emulate their methodical approach to trading.

In the two months we traded with Option Strategies Insider we entered into eight trades and won all eight. That is pretty impressive! However, we did not get our max win on each trade. Seven of the eight trades were excited early, so we only made a partial return. Overall, we were averaging about 20% return per trade over the course of a couple of weeks.


The sites that tend to deliver the best results are also met with high prices, at just over $200 a month, Option Strategies Insider falls in a mid-range price level, membership can eat into your profits fairly quickly. However, we did make that back fairly easily during our review of the site.

We really enjoyed our membership so much we asked Option Strategies Insider if they would give a brief demonstration to our members about how they are able to achieve such a high level of success and they have graciously agreed. Plus, they are offering our members a 50% discount at the end of the presentation.


Option Strategies Insider has everything going for it, it is run by a seasoned option professional, it has great education center, top quality research and users continue to get results and say great things about their experience.

Their membership has a mid-range price point, which means it may be too expensive for some, but the value is certainly there. Just remember to join the webinar for a secret 50% discount. Option Strategies Insider made a fan out of us, which I can clearly say is not that easy to do.

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