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    Nathan Smith
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    I am expecting my first child (actually due in a couple of days!) and my partner and I could really do with some help regarding life insurance policies.

    I’ve looked online and compared some quotes, and i recently found this one called Best price Fs. Tempted to go with them because they don’t charge commission and they are cheaper than the other sites i have looked at (the more to spend on baby clothes the better!) Best price Fs charge £20 to purchase a policy, where as cavendish are £35 and money world are £25 from what I can make out. Using a big name insurance company is important (so hopefully) they would pay out if the worst happened! Your input would be most helpful.


    Fred Kinkaid
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    Based from my experience, my advice to you is take your time in selecting a life insurance company. Study their background and history. Understand very well your policy and review your policy from time to time.


    Dan Jackson
    • Posts: 20

    This article has been very helpful.The tips were great in regards to the deductibles.Having listed out the insurance companies and what they are best for. I will use these looking into car insurance.Thanks for your valuable tips.


    Chris Douthit
    • Posts: 39

    The thing is everybody has to make money. Ask them how they are getting paid.

    Are they brokers? If so, then ask which company is underwriting the insurance. Also, of course, check the financial strength of the company.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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