Best Ways to Make $100 per Day

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Do you need to make more money to settle bills or just to step up your social status?

There are tons of reasons to earn more money. From barely surviving on paychecks to feeling inadequate, it's easy to get sucked into that black hole of dissatisfaction. Fortunately, there are several ways to learn how to make $100 per day.

Giving your pocket a financial boost will definitely go a long way. There are several benefits attached to earning more, including less anxiety and more financial freedom. Nevertheless, finding the perfect job can be a tough nut to crack.

The means to earn that extra $100 daily can come from a side hustle or a full-time job. It all depends on the individual after they weigh the pros and cons. Most people settle on having a side gig, seeing that it's a more lifestyle-friendly option. Keep reading to learn how to earn an extra $100 per day.

Top 18 Ways to Make $100 per Day

Everyone needs all the help they can get before venturing into unknown territories. That said, here's a guide to how anyone can become $100 richer every day.


Starting a blog is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to make the extra $100 per day. The best part is, the blogger doesn’t have to step outside the comfort of their home.

They can put out content from anywhere they choose to be. The only key is knowing the right niche to focus on and sponsoring the content correctly.

Freelancing Writing

Once you understand that content creating is an ever-thriving market, freelance writing will not be a shocking number on this list.

That’s because most business owners don't have the time to create essential website content by themselves. In the end, they employ the help of a freelance writer who works to provide a stream of content, usually daily.


If you are not interested in creating content, you can pick up something that requires less ideation. Proofreading and editing are good options.

Not only does this job sharpen your vocabulary, but it allows working with remarkable writers and companies. All you need to do is read created works in the comfort of your home and charge by the hour.

E-book Writing

You can also consider e-book writing which is different from freelancing writing or proofreading. The only challenging part of this job is the time it takes to develop long-form writing and publishing.

However, once this is done, you control the price and can make smooth cash on royalties. Also, you can maintain full ownership of the book.

Social Media Management

If a person has a high skill level in social media management, monetizing it won’t be such a bad idea.

Several individuals and companies need the help of people who can promote their business on social media. They can easily charge by the hour and end up earning an extra $100 per day or more.


For those who have full-time jobs and happen to be kid lovers, babysitting is the perfect go-to. They can fill in for friends and family that need to take a break from their kid. Also, some websites can help find the best babysitting side gig.

Online Tutoring

Another way to make $100 per day is through online tutoring. If you have a high proficiency in a particular niche, then creating an online class is a smart choice.

Though it might take a while to find your footing, it is definitely worth trying. Remember, the internet is a vast place, so there’s sure to be someone out there who will pay to learn whatever skill you’re teaching.

Virtual Assisting

Business/site owners who don't have all the time to do specific tasks usually seek a virtual assistant's help. The job mostly entails email management, editing, schedule organization, and more. It's a perfect gig as a virtual assistant can make pretty good cash and doesn't have to step out of the house.


An excellent idea for a side gig is for an individual to make money with his/her car. The person can choose to sign up for any ridesharing company and commute in their spare time. It is an interesting option, especially since you get to meet different people while doing something that comes so easily.

Renting Your Car

Don’t think driving is for you? What about renting out your car? If you aren’t keen on the idea of driving people around, some companies specialize in the car-driver matching process, making it more comfortable.

Also, you can choose to rent out a room in your house or the whole building itself. For instance, you can register your home on Airbnb. These options are attractive not only because they pay well but also because they don’t require the person to do so much.

Delivery Jobs

Another great insight on how to make $100 per day is signing up as a delivery man or woman for logistic companies. It's a great option if a person feels uncomfortable with renting out his/her car to a stranger and is also not interested in driving other people around.

What’s more, most of these companies have hourly pay, and there's also tipping from customers.

Dog Walking and Grooming

Avid pet/dog lovers would jump at the chance of earning an extra $100 per day through dog walking.

You might need to learn grooming — this sometimes comes into the picture when the job description entails bathing the dog and perhaps giving its fur a little trim. Still, it’s a refreshing gig as the individual gets to connect with these animals.

Website and App Testing

Most of the time, web and app developers need volunteers to test their work. They do this to determine if it’s user-friendly or if it has any bugs that need to be fixed.

So, a tester only needs to sit back at home, click through the website, and earn $100 or more.

Affiliate Marketing

For bloggers, affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to boost their money-making rate. It involves partnering with brands or companies and embedding the links to their products on the blog. With this, visitors will open the link, and if purchases are made, the blogger gets a percentage.

Online Sales

Selling household items on the internet is a great way to earn that extra $100. If a person has a couch or an unused coffee-making machine, he/she can put it up for sale online and make a quick buck. If the individual is also skilled in art and craft, their handmade pieces can do a good number.

Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are another sure way of making $100 per day or more. An “odd job” can mean many things, including house painting, lawn mowing, plumbing, and many more.

Though manual labor might not be the easiest option, it usually pays by the hour. Once you get a good reputation for jobs well done, then the referrals start flowing in.

Product Testing

Companies usually want real-time feedback and reviews from users before releasing a product into the market. They ship the product to the volunteer and pay for its usage.

This presents an excellent opportunity for a person searching for a side gig to earn a quick $100. Another good thing is they get to keep the product tested.


A more interesting way of earning $100 per day is through gaming. This might come as a surprise, but some apps pay people for playing their games and giving them feedback. That way, the gaming companies know what to improve on. For the player, this is no doubt a fun way to make some cash.

Useful Tips

Even if you started a couple of side gigs and the cash started rolling in, you still need to take up healthy habits to stay on the right track. Some of the tips to achieve this include:

Money Management

It's crucial to keep finances in line through saving habits and budgeting. It'll be a waste of time if all extra money-making efforts go down the drain due to poor money management skills.


Proper self-care is extremely important. It’s a bad idea to push yourself over the limits. Burnouts only lead to breakdowns, and those have long-lasting effects and can end up costing you even more money.


Investing earnings in ventures such as the stock market, bond funds, physical commodities is a great idea. This yields wealth growth over time and further strengthens purchasing power.


If you are stuck and need help to find out how to make $100 per day, you only need to do a little research. There are thousands of ways to give your pockets a boost. However, no one wants to get stuck working their head off for a job that doesn't pay well.

That's why it's best to settle on the easiest and most lucrative jobs. Keeping your account balance out of the red even after the added funds should be a priority. In the end, it's up to you to embark on this money-making journey and make good decisions along the way.

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