Denver Man Turns $50,000 into $500,000 In Just Under 3 Years

Mike Morris graduated from UCLA in 2011 with a degree in motion graphics. Like many college graduates, Mike had big aspirations and wasted no time putting together a resume and submitting it to over 200 companies that would have been a good fit for his degree. But sadly, only two companies got back to him, resulting in one interview, and zero job offers.

Mike realized that unless you know someone, finding a job on a cold resume submission was a lot more difficult than he had imagined. It took one to two hours to fill out all the application and create a cover letter to go along with the resume, only to hear nothing back 99% of the time.

It was not time well spent.

After being frustrated with the difficulty of finding a job in a saturated job market, Mike turned to his friend who was working as a barista at one of the premier coffee houses. To get by, Mike had no choice but to take an entry-level job serving coffee. It was a good job, but only paid enough to cover his monthly expenses and leave a tiny bit for savings.

After working three years and becoming complacent with his current position, Mike finally had enough. It hit him like a ton of bricks one morning that he had to do something. At first, he thought he might start applying to jobs that were relevant in the motion graphics space, but after being soured by that experience once before and being severely out of practice, Mike decided to try something different.

After a random encounter with a man sitting next to him on a flight who made a full-time living trading stocks, Mike was convinced, he could do the same. He had saved up $25,000 and asked his dad if he could borrow another $25,000 to start this new venture.

This was a big gamble, Mike bought books and pondered joining other investment sites, but his big break came when he discovered a free options trading webinar by Chris Douthit, which revealed why option traders win sustainably more trades and make much higher returns than stock traders.

It all made perfect sense to Mike, who was more than ready to jump in with both feet.

In a recent interview, Mike was quoted as saying, “The approach to trading was pretty straight forward, Chris’ strategy was about looking at one thing that was going to alter a company’s stock and then put an options position on before others jump in and alter the price.”

Chris’s training made learning the process extremely easy, after seeing how this method of training resulted in a success rate of over 90% Mike could not wait to put his option trading skills to the test.

In just his first day of trading, his returns totaled what he made in three-days working at the coffee house. His success only continued to grow.

Over the next three years, Mikes turned his $50,000 initial investment into $500,000. After trying to pay his dad back, Mikes dad, insisted that Mike should keep his money as an investment, ultimately converting his $25,000 from debt to equity.

“It really was a dream come true to see my son become so successful so fast” – Neal Morris

Chris’ webinar (Showing Here) is a totally free 30-minute presentation that anyone can watch to see the power of smart investing. In a recent interview, Chris told us that most people who join have zero or limited experience with finance, and many have never even heard of options. These are just normal people working regular jobs who want to be in control of their own finances and make a better future for themselves.

30-minutes is not a lot to ask so that people may better control the most valuable assets they have, their financial well-being, and their retirement. For the moment, Chris has indicated that he will be doing his webinar a couple of times a week, but once all the spots are full due to limited spacing, it will be taken down.



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