Are You Actively Working Against Yourself?

It hit me pretty hard, a few months back…one of my best friends and I were talking about money and he stated, “I will most likely would work until the day I die.” Looking at this country as a whole, I think that is the bleak picture of what many Americans face today.

In the 1960’s a man could work a regular full time job, without college background, his wife could stay home and take care of the kids, they would own a house and have everything they needed to financially sustain their life. Why did this change? Today we are very far away from such an existence.

The average college educated man cannot support a family on its own. It seems, in these times, it takes both a husband and a wife working to make a family financially run smoothly. On top of that we have more and more billionaires popping up every year, it is no secret to where the money is going.

Since the stagnant wages of the 70’s, we are now dealing with high healthcare costs that continue to rise, gas prices that are insane to what they were just a few years ago, poor public school systems and college graduates dealing with the massive burden of debt that can take decades to pay off. The list goes on and on.

If you need more proof just look at our national debt and the debt ceiling that we keep having to raise so the country does not shut down. Or the social security money that will soon be gone and the millions of seniors who failed to save enough in their 401K to sustain their current lifestyle. Oh here is the solution, now we are going to raise the retirement age to 73, that’s the way it’s going to be and that’s that!

That’s not it… There is something you can do about it, if you’re smart about your life and how you manage your expenses.

The expectation of the government taking care of you in retirement is bleak, and for many of us without any retirement education, we were left to navigate the cloudy water of retirement planning alone.

Only you are in control of your own future. Do not be one of the followers, be one of the leaders who understands the future, what’s important, and makes good decisions about your resources.

I do not understand the concept of one complaining about money problems when they are driving a new car, having the latest smart phone, buying 80” televisions and paying hundreds of dollars a month to have video streamed into their home. Without even knowing it, people are concurrently robbing themselves of money they don’t need to spend while they let products and services run their lives.

The average person spends about 75% of what they earn on products or services that that are not necessities. Then, borrowing money comes into play. Borrow money at high interest rates just to spend money they don’t have; then they run the risk of paying more for something they did not need in the first place. People are trying to save, but they spend most of their time working against the very thing they are setting out to do.

No matter how much money we dump on an ailing society (like our own), we will not solve our money issues. This is because the issue is not a shortfall of money, but a shortfall in our ideology. We need a spirit that allows us to get the most of out our lives verses one that works against our very best interest.

Let’s stop talking about expenses and spending as if they were out of our control, you have a choice. Figure out what is important to you and make the best decisions for your life. If you get duped into buying something you don’t need, then hats off to the other guy, he will be the one enjoying his retirement while you work until 73….

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