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    Fred Kinkaid
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    We spent the last six months living car free in Chicago, but the time finally arrived for us to purchase a family car and we did it all in cash. Don’t feel like I can share outside of this forum, as I accidentally mentioned our cash purchase to my sister and she just rolled her eyes since having a car payment is the norm.


    Kevin Steller
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    Depending on how much the car cost. Don’t think a car is necessary if you live in the city. We do and we don’t have a car.


    Mike Snow
    • Posts: 22

    I just bought a vehicle this week too; a big white Sprinter van for $44k. All my family freaked out when I said I wasn’t getting finance for it and I was paying it in cash outright. They couldn’t understand how I could have that sort of money. I told them; ride a bike, don’t drink booze, eat healthy, do your own servicing and odd-jobs, put your money in a high interest account, don’t buy useless junk, etc. All too hard. I’d rather a bit of work than a huge debt for a liability!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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