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    Fred Kinkaid
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    What do you think of this spiel ?

    Great interview.. I love when he says “John & Sally should worry about paying down their credit card which costing them 18%”

    Obviously what he does is not for everybody .. so I don’t think we should all follow his strategy but he does have some valuable points about cash


    Brad Mathews
    • Posts: 40

    The more I see/hear/read stuff about mark cuban the less I like him.

    Mark became a billionaire with a ton of luck…he brought radio to the internet…wow…remarkable. Sold it during the dot com bubble and liquidated most of yahoo stock before bubble burst.


    Mike Snow
    • Posts: 22

    I no longer watch regularly, but when I did watch Shark Tank he definitely came off as the smartest of the bunch. While the other dopes were trying to figure out how to squeeze the entrepreneur as tight as they could, he would recognize a great deal and swoop in and steal it right out from underneath them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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