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    Nathan Smith
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    I was wondering how many of you use a financial advisor? I imagine people here are only considering fee-only advisors, but I’d be interested in hearing even if you use a commission-based, Edward Jones-style advisor.

    I’ve been considering meeting with a fee-only financial advisor. For me, money is probably the most tense area in my marriage (as I’m beginning to think it is for many couples), and I’d like to have us be on the same page before we have kids, etc.

    Have you done this before? Found it beneficial? Did you just go once?


    Dan Jackson
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    Present day: no. We do what most folks here do and buy Vanguard funds with a small number of stocks on the side — mostly for fun.

    20-something years ago: yeah, we did. We were lucky. It was not a fee-only advisor, but a guy that takes a load percentage off the front end from a big name company. The most significant thing he did was force us to sit down and just see how much damn money we were making and try to figure out why the hell we weren’t saving any. This actually was a real bonus for us — an eye opener. He was a good, honest guy… but… it was loaded with fees (which he properly disclosed). We bought about 3-4 years of their funds before we really woke up… and moved to Vanguard.


    Mike Snow
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    I do not use one, although would consider it in the future once my savings gets large enough.

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