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    Jeb Finkle
    • Posts: 18

    Total cash received in February from credit card and checking account signup bonuses and cash back rewards. Woo hoo!! Free money just for using new financial providers.

    I realize this kind of thing is familiar to most of you but it is new to me. I’m loving it!!


    Sandy Smoothers
    • Posts: 37

    It’s awesome, isn’t it? We got bonuses for starting accounts at Chase and we get cash back from Am Ex and 5% off at Target with a Red Card. Every bit counts!


    Mike Snow
    • Posts: 22

    This month we received $300 from Chase Total Checking and 250 from Wells Fargo Checking. Not bad at all. 🙂


    Brad Mathews
    • Posts: 40

    New to checking account bonuses, but jumped right in! Next month should see somewhere around $1500 in bonuses and referrals – between that and tradelines, will have to adjust my withholding!


    Sandy Smoothers
    • Posts: 37

    know of any good articles to get me started on this? what’s the minimum required? are any available that don’t require direct deposit?


    Chris Douthit
    • Posts: 39

    Someone somewhere recommended doctorofcredit.com
    I’ve looked at it and it seems very thorough with info about bank account bonuses as well as credit cards. I don’t have personal results to speak of but it’s a place to start.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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